C-Jam - it’s not just a flashy and sweet name but that name is being represented as well as played together by four talented cellists: Pärt Tarvas, Tõnu Jõesaar, Margus Uus and Levi-Danel Mägila


Tallinn, the capital!

The year was 2004.


Golden autumn.

And the time was right.

A group was born, which did not exist before and will not exist after.

Unique, original, professional.


Our address corresponds to whichever place you invite us to play in. And we may hand over quite a few bow hairs for it is a challenge to find an “address book” so voluminous to write down ALL of our performance spaces.


Let’s start at the very beginning.

Internet can take it! ☺

Estonia- Criss-cross-zig-zag-back-and-forth-south-north-southwest-northeast-southeast-northwest etc, etc, etc.

Small towns, faraway villages, beaches, homes, gallant manors, bog roads … we have been and seen it all and will return with joy, because every event is unique and every concert is unlike the one before. Every wedding is new (even if we have run into the bride somewhere before …) and every jubilee is special.


Performances at the Tallinn Chamber Music Festival, “Hingemuusika” and “Meistrite akadeemia” concert series, Toompea Music Salon, “Mõisaromantika” series, Music of the Seven Cities, Viru Folk, “Juu Jääb” festival.

And even more:

Successful concerts in Latvia, Finland, Germany, Russia, Belgium, Denmark, China.


Facebook - C-Jam is currently liked by 3909 users and we wish for you to be the next one ☺

Youtube – Different songs uploaded by C-Jam – take a look around ☺

GOOGLE search – – takes you to a website where you will find stories, photos, information and promotion about our next concerts, feedback options and much more ☺


Ten years of harmony!

Going out for the eleventh year in a row … Oh no, not just “going out”, but rehearsing, recording, solving differences, making concert programs, creating new songs, planning new tours, looking forward to the future together. Being happy!

Because a “marital status” such as this is undoubtedly special, precious and should be held with care.

Every man, however, has their own relationship with their cellos. And that relationship is too personal for more details …


We cannot overlook C-jam’s “children” - CDs carrying our music and we just so happen to have four of them.

“Hit the Cello”

“Cello on Air”




Due to a long stage career nobody can recall whether we are dealing with professional rock musicians who are also highly trained classical music performers, or the other way around. Our unique approach and humorous performance style has so far left indifferent only two people in China, but the search is still on ;)

Followed by an enthusiastic planning and a summer course in Türi for young cellists from all over Estonia, we are now proud to present an independent cello festival “Cellofest” which introduces the possibilities of the instrument on a much larger scale. An achievement we are truly proud of!


NB! Teamwork, teamwork, and again, teamwork. You cannot live without it nor do you want to.

Our wonderful collaborators, and why not in the future, have been:

Anne Veski, Ivo Linna, Alen Veziko, Luisa Värk, Marvi Vallaste, Kaire Vilgats, Bonzo & Tõun, Rebecca Kontus, Evelin Võigemast, Marcel Johannes Kits, Helen Lokuta, Pille Lill, Hanna-Liina Võsa, Hele Kõre, Hardi Volmer, Koit Toome, Maarja-Liis Ilus etc.

In artistic projects we have collaborated with:

ERSO (Daniel Raiskin)

The Orchestra of the Estonian Defence Forces (Peeter Saan)

Girls’ choir “Ellerhein”

Revalia Male Choir (Hirvo Surva)

Tallinn University of Technology Male Choir

Tallinn Boys’ Choir (Lydia Rahula)




We have experienced a multitude of positive moments during school concerts all over Estonia, so far over 300 of them. All with the aim of making the students see cello as an instrument fit for rock and pop, as well as classical music. Our cello music has been recorded for the movie “Autumn Ball” (“Sügisball”), for the television show “OP” and for the commemorative CD of Gunnar Graps. In 2008 the quartet took part of the tour “Suvegurmee” along with Maarja-Liis Ilus and Rein Rannap.